Mission, Vision & History


Community Prep School (CPS) is chartered by Colorado Springs School District 11 and has been since 1995. CPS is an alternative high school that meets students where they are at and works with them on credit recovery and developing a plan for graduation. Our classes are small and we take an individualized approach to teaching our students. We have the flexibility and experience to work with students who have jobs, who need more personalized instruction or who might not have been successful in other learning environments.

What Makes Us Alternative

  • Credits are earned according to effort and understanding rather than simply time spent in the classroom.

  • Personal and individualized attention with small class sizes and committed advisors who encourage students to achieve goals and performance targets.

  • Differentiated learning that includes a menu of hybrid classes, both timed and self-paced, to serve students according to their aptitude, learning style, and unique needs.

  • Flexible scheduling built around students’ real-life challenges.

  • Credit Recovery where students control the pace of their learning in an educational environment based on the mastery of standards.

  • Utilizing the community as a classroom without limiting learning to the CPS campus. Students are regularly engaged with local organizations to enhance their education.

  • Connecting educational credit with job and community experience.

  • Life Skills taught experientially and intentionally.