CPS will be closed Monday the 29th in observance of Memorial Day

Graduation will be June 3rd at Colorado College- Cutler Quad at 1pm

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Here’s what CPS students have to say…

Hello, my name is Pablo Wilkins. For all my time in school, I would have to say the school I’ve enjoyed the most is definitely this school. Here at Community Prep the teachers care and motivate more than anywhere I’ve seen so far. They will still push you to try harder when you’re down, they know when you’re not giving 100% and sometimes that’s okay but other times it’s not and they will push you back to full drive…… Read more from Pablo HERE!

Prospective Students

CPS is like no other school you have ever attended. For more information click here.

Current events and news at CPS

Community Time 5/24

Today at Community Time, we enjoyed a musical performance from Miguel B., Shannon B. and Mr. Benning. The Pine Car Rally has been moved to Wednesday the 31st. It will be held in Cee’s Cafe at 9 a. Put-ups were given to Marissa E., Erin B., Tucker K., Tyler D. and Eli...

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Community Time 5/11

Today at Community Time Joshua E. received his very own laptop for achieving 32 credits. Ms. Shawna and Ms. Bonnie invited students to sign up to have their hair and makeup done for prom for free. Prom tickets are available for purchase from Mr. T and Mrs. Kelley....

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Graduation will be June 3rd! Click here for more details!



The CPS Pine Car Rally will be Wednesday May 31st! Join us for racing and BBQ!


*Community Prep School is in the news! Check out this Gazette article

about our partnership with Landmark Community School!



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On June 29, The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights(OCR) announced that it has reached settlements with education organizations in seven states and one territory to ensure website accessibility for people with disabilities. The agreements cover issues raised under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to online services and programs.

As a public school, your website content and functionality must be accessible to persons with disabilities. The League recommends immediately posting on your school website a notice to persons with disabilities about how to request access to online information or functionality that is not currently accessible. The League will be developing additional resources for member charter schools in the coming months. In the meantime, click here to access the ADA Best Practices Toolkit.

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